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The National Council for Geocosmic Research is a non-profit member organization that supports education and research exploring the relationship between cosmic patterns, earthly events and human affairs.

We have the most active and accomplished astrological education system in the country. In the greater New York area, NCGR-sponsored astrology classes are taking place almost every night of the week. Our monthly lectures and meetings, together with intensive conferences held at least twice a year, cover every possible area of astrology, metaphysics and psychology. In addition to astrological research, we produced a publication called The Ingress which educates and informs our membership.


President: Eileen McCabe - Eileen McCabe is a professional astrologer and licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in New York City. She is an NCGR certified consulting astrologer and has a certificate in psychotherapy from the Institute of Self Psychology. She is a teacher and counselor and combines the art of astrology with psychology and metaphysics. 

Vice-President: Joe Carasso - As a second generation astrologer, Joe has been a student of astrology for over 30 years.

Membership Director: De Vovchansky - De has been a practicing astrologer since 1990 and a part of NCGR since its inception. She has a degree in education and is passionate about teaching. She offers astrology classes to individuals and groups and also incorporates the Tarot in her astrological consultations.

Treasurer: Diogo Bastos - Diogo has been interested in astrology since he was a teenager thanks to his two supportive sisters and a family that was open and receptive to his unique passion. He is a graphic designer by day and an avid astrologer by night.

Public Relations/Webmaster: Lawrence Grecco - Lawrence is an ordained Zen Buddhist monk and authorized Zen teacher, life coach, and astrologer ( He has an extensive background in crisis counseling and public relations and is also a published author and fine art photographer. 

Associates Coordinator: Joseph Addeo - Joseph is an astrological consultant with a practice in New York City and has received Level IV NCGR professional certification. Since beginning his studies in early 1999 he has quickly established himself in the New York astrological community. Joseph comes from a theater/music background. He is a professional opera singer having graced many world stages with his tenor voice. He has a CD of Neapolitan songs currently in release. Please visit his website at

Recording Secretary: Margaret McMahon - Margaret has been studying astrology since 1997. She enjoys connecting its layers of imagery and symbolism with her interest in art, dance, literature, natural science, cultural and social history, and the amazing variety of the human experience. She has a particular interest in mundane astrology and astrological history. She also enjoys volunteering as a tutor in English and History for a New York public school.

International Liaison: Michael Lutin

Editoral Director: Tracy Allen  


Education: John Marchesella - A practicing astrologer since 1976, certified through Level IV, John currently heads the NCGR faculty. He is a frequent contributor to astrological publications and websites, and a familiar speaker to other NCGR chapters and organizations, such as N.Y. Open Center. Currently he serves as Chair of NCGR - USA.

John is also a humanistic psychotherapist, certified by Temenos Institute, and a bereavement counselor since 1982.

Recording Library: Nan Kaplan - Nan began studying astrology in 1971. Since 1983 she has been on the NCGR NY chapter board. During the day she is a high school librarian in the Bronx. The senior class in their last will and testament is leaving her her own psychic hotline or a crystal ball.

E-commerce Director and Executive Secretary: Stephen Fleming - Stephen relocated to New York City in 1981 to study and practice astrology. He has been reading professionally since 1993 and joined NCGR in 1996. With Saturn in the 3rd, Sun in the 9th, and a Gemini Moon, Stephen is happy to be serving as the New York City chapter's Editor.

Hospitality Chairman / Research Chairman: Armand Diaz - Armand is an NCGR certified consulting astrologer practicing in the New York area. Frequently seen hovering near the refreshments at all kinds of social events, and often noted to offer his clients a nice cup of tea, he is a natural for the position of Hospitality Chair. You can visit his website at


NCGR-NYC Associates help out at conferences, mailings, and any other work that needs to be done. Availability and attitude are important for they must be there to help the board with their various jobs.

The rewards are the boards gratitude and free entrance into events. This position is only available when vacated by a previous associate. If you would like to be considered for this position you can submit your name by E-mail or call the NCGR chapter number (212) 255-8497.

Current Associates:

Trisha Buckley, Karen Dean, Kirk Kahn, Anne OrteleeChiemi Matsumoto, Hollister North, Suzanne Reynolds, Gaia Somasca, Linda Scalise, Kristen Schifferdecker, Jeneane Schmidt, Kyle Ukes, Maria Wander Escudero


Alice Sorenson, Liane Bellmann