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To register for a class or workshop, please call the teacher directly.  For other questions on our Education Program, please call the NCGR Hotline on 212/255-3236.


Please read through the entire list for the class that suits your level of study and personal interest.


Study Guides can be purchased only via the NCGR-PAA website,


The next NCGR-PAA Certification Exam will be held on Sunday, December 17th.  Application must be made by December 7th.


To register, please print out the application at the end of this webpage and send to Shirley Soffer with payment by check or money order, payable to NCGR-PAA.


For other questions about the exam, please contact Shirley Soffer on


See other details on the NCGR-PAA website,



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Joseph Addeo  212/346-0977 or


Skype:  joseph.addeo

80 North Moore Street #9J

New York, NY  10013


ASTROLOGICAL BASICS – Level I - A beginner’s class, where the ABC’s of Western Astrology are explored and learned.  Topics covered include planets, signs, house, elements and modes.  By the end of the course each student should have a basic knowledge on how to start reading a chart.  A practical approach is emphasized for use as a springboard to future study and developing one’s own unique style of interpretation.  Call or email to enroll.

Tuesdays, 7 – 9, 9 weeks $300

Begins October 3, 2017, and ends November 28, 2017


TRANSITS – Intermediate – A class on transits to the natal chart and how to use them in predictive work.  A knowledge of astrological basics is necessary including planets, signs, houses and natal aspects.  Transits active natal aspects and help focus where to concentrate one’s energy in reading and interpreting a chart.  Practical examples from sample charts of famous and not-so-famous people will be used.  Call for email to enroll.

Wednesdays, 7 – 9, 7 classes, $250

Begins October 4, 2017, and ends November 15, 2017



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John Marchesella  212-255-8497 or

Chelsea Area

TRANSITS:  THE HAPPENING OF THE HORSCOPE – Levels II/III – Transits make the natal horoscope happen, thereby fulfilling our natal potential in various styles of change and development.  Individual transits and cycles reveal the practical, the psychological, the predictable and the developmental.  All of these will be explained and demonstrated with examples in order to help us see astrology in action.  Learn to forecast the future.  Limited seats are available.

Thursdays, 6:45 – 8:45, 9 sessions, $350

Begins September 28th



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Eileen McCabe  212/431-9834 or

146 Mulberry St. #10


A once-a-month lecture and discussion class covering Saturn’s entry into Capirocrn for all the signs of the zodiac, the impact of the eclipses and other planetary configurations affecting the individual and the collective.  Email to register.

Thursdays, 7 – 9, $40/class

Begins October 5th



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Shirley Soffer  212/677-5041 or

505 LaGuardia Place, #25A

CHARTWORK – Level I/III – This is an ongoing class devoted to hands-on practice with charts.  Learning by doing.  Bring in charts for group study.  Natal delineation, transits, progressions, solar returns, composites, synastry, and more.  For advanced beginners and intermediate students.

WEDNESDAYS, 6:30 – 8:30, $20/class

Begins September 20th   


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Arlene Marcia Nimark 718/377-0482 or

Location:  Near Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens


This two-part workshop will be the equivalent of the 5 classes in Uranian Astrology.  We will begin with the intro to the 360 and 90 degree dials.  We will cover in depth the personal points and the personal point horoscopes, planetary pictures, sums and half sums and differences.  We will then move to the transneptunian planets and how to incorporate them with the known planets.  Next, we will add transits to the solar arc directions, readying you to forecast.  This workshop will give you new insight into your clients’ horoscopes, enabling you to help them make decisions with positive outcomes and avoid harrowing pitfalls.  You will learn how to pick good days for travel, surgery and romance.  Call to reserve your space and for exact address.

Part I: Saturday, October 14th, 11 – 5

Part II: Saturday, October 21st,  11 - 5

$90 one day, $175 full two day workshop



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Ronnie Dreyer


Classes, webinars and private insturctions at all levels beginning in October.  Please email for information.



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Diane Cramer  212/288-6232

333 East 66th Street

Private instruction on all levels – chart calculations for all levels of NCGR-PAA testing.  Instruction on chart interpretation, predictive techniques, and the use of midpoints.  Specialized instruction in medical astrology.  Tips and techniques for Solar Fire 9.  $30/hour.



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Meira Epstein  212/879-2186

119 East 83rd Street (Park & Lex)


COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING – all topics of astrology, from beginning to advanced – natal and predictive.  Integrating all the knowledge you have gathered long the way with less-known techniques from Ancient-Classical astrology.


Classes are available for all Four Levels.  All topics covered.  Study in private, or through the NCGR Online Education.  For curriculum and registration go to

GO PROFESSIONAL:  Make the leap into client work.  Gain confidence, learn effective techniques, how to handle forecast situations and how to identify core issues.

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK:  Learn Hellenistic-Medieval methods as well as modern URANIAN techniques – 90 Dial, Midpoints & Planetary Pictures and how to integrate it with client work.

ONLINE STUDY:  For your convenience – Private, live, audio-visual classes, suited to your needs & schedule.  

You can prepare for the NCGR-PAA exams, or simply study astrology to improve your skills.   The class is recorded and you receive a copy, as well as comprehensive study material.

$50 per hour.




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Pattie Canova

Contact Gayle Stacher 917/476-7110 or for registration and location.

Dates and topics TBA



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To join or renew your membership, send a check for $55, payable to NCGR, and send to:

De Vovchansky

2102 Enclave Circle

Somerset, NJ  08873


Go to the National website,, and register by credit card.

Be sure to specify that you want to be enrolled in the New York City Chapter!


Membership benefits include:

Discounts on all conferences, local and national

Discounted fees on NCGR-PAA Certification Exams

New York Chapter’s quarterly newsletter, “The Ingress”

Bimonthly “Memberletter” from National

An annual journal and an annual research journal



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Address  ____________________________________________




Phone  ______________________________________________


Email  _______________________________________________


I hereby make application to take the exam on Sunday, December 17th, at 11 AM at the home of Shirley Soffer.


                                    NCGR Members                     Non-members


Level I                                     $60                                          $115


Level II                                    $70                                          $125


Level III                                  $80                                          $135


Enclose your check, payable to NCGR-PAA, and mail to:


Shirley Soffer

505 La Guardia Place #25A

New York, NY 10012-2008


Deadline for registration is December 7th.


Signed  _________________________________________________



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